Why bother with Good Posture?

When our body segments are optimally aligned, force transmission through the tissues (i.e. bones, muscles, ligaments, fascia) occurs in a way that minimizes energy expenditure and reduces strain on joints and muscles. In other words maintaining good posture:

  • Takes less effort (you’ll be less tired at the end of the day)
  • Makes your muscle system more efficient (you’re stronger because your muscles can be activated in the ranges they are designed to work best in)
  • Makes you less susceptible to pain and injury from chronically overloaded tissues.

Apart from
speeding up degeneration in the spine, if we have poor posture when we sit or
stand this often carries over to other activities such as walking, bending and
running. These activities further increase the demands on our body by adding
extra load or impact through our system.


Learning to find the ideal posture for your body type and maintain it through larger ranges
of movement or for longer periods of time is the essence of our PhysiYoga
classes. This step is essential in getting long term results.  



This practice is to help you find the ‘neutral spine’ position of your spine.

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