Terms and Conditions

PhysiYoga Terms and Conditions


Massage and Physiotherapy Appointments
In the event that you need to cancel or change your appointment:
  • Please phone the clinic to cancel your appointment
  • 24 hours notice is required in order to cancel your appointment and give us reasonable time to rebook from our cancellation list
  • Failure to attend an appointment or not provide adequate notice will incur a $25 non-cancellation fee
Class Cancellation Policy

We are running with strict number capacity limits on our classes. We therefore have a strict non-cancellation policy for our classes: this means that your pass is deducted in order to secure your space. So please select your class carefully and do still notify us if you cannot make it so that we might offer your spot to our wait list.

If you have questions or concerns about how this impacts you at times of hardship or distress and with enough notice to find someone to replace you in the class, we have compassionate grounds to make rare adjustments.

Please reach out – we are here to help.

Class Pass Terms and Conditions

Purchasing a class pass allows you to enjoy discounted rates on each visit. Passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable. So please select your pass carefully.

These terms and conditions explain our class pass expiry and cancellation policies. Purchasing a class pass means you agree to these terms and conditions and this assists us to plan and deliver a great range of classes.

 How we help you
  1. We send you a complimentary reminder texts one day before your class (and an email 2 days before). If you have cancelled but still receive this reminder, please reply to it or call us to cancel as you are still in our system.
  2. If you are not receiving these reminders please call us or talk to your instructor next time you are in so we can make sure we have your correct contact details.
  3. Bookings are available online through physiyogastrath.com.au but please do call if you can’t find your favourite class in case we have a cancellation.

How you can help us

Please let us know as soon as you can when you know you can’t attend. It gives someone else a chance to attend in your place.


Expiry Dates

Each class pass has an expiry period after which the pass is no longer available to be used. Please respect these dates as you select your pass. In the event that classes have been cancelled by PhysiYoga (due to illness or other reason) PhysiYoga may extend your expiry date to reflect the missed class only. i.e. one class cancelled will mean your pass is extended by one week. In the event of illness or injury you may contact PhysiYoga by email to request an extension of your pass.

Note: as of January 2022 we have removed “permanent” bookings from our system.

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Provision of Physiotherapy Care to You - Terms of Service

Physiotherapy is recognised as being an effective and safe method of care for many conditions. However, there are risks associated with all health care procedures that you should be informed about.

Please read the following carefully:

  1. I acknowledge that I will be able to discuss with the physiotherapist at Physiyoga the rare risks associated with my proposed care which include, although are not limited to: muscle and joint soreness or strains, minimal bruising, nausea & dizziness, fractures, disc injuries, strokes (or like episodes), allergic reactions (i.e. to oil or tape) and an exacerbation and/or aggravation of my underlying condition.
  2. I understand that I will have the opportunity to discuss the proposed care with the practitioner and have the opportunity to ask questions about the nature, extent and purpose of the proposed care and that I will be given sufficient time to make a decision given consent for the care to proceed. I acknowledge that I am aware of and understand the potential risks listed above. I appreciate that results are not guaranteed.
  3. I do not expect the practitioner to be able to anticipate all potential risks and complications associated with the proposed care. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time.
  4. I have the right to see the physiotherapist of my choice, obtain a 2nd opinion, refuse intervention, provide feedback or make a complaint.
  5. I consent for the practitioner to contact my GP/medical team/case manager to discuss proposed care where necessary and that this will be done with upmost regard of strict confidentiality.


You can call us during business hours to book your consultation or classes or you can book here. If the times shown online do not suit, please phone us

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