Physiotherapy Team

Our Physiotherapists have a diverse skillset and  a common passion to help clients get the most out of life. Together, we believe Movement is Medicine and we work together to find the right solution for you. Your physiotherapist will listen to your story, assess your movement and help you create a plan to reach your goals.

Ben Turnbull Physiotherapist PhysiYoga

Ben Turnbull

Bachelor of Physiotherapy 

Ben has over 15 years of experience, working in a range of settings across Australia.

Ben has a broad range of skills working across all age groups.  Ben has completed advanced training in Aquatic physiotherapy and enjoys working in the water for rehabilitation. Ben is a current member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and enjoys working with people to achieve goals that are meaningful to them.

Away from physiotherapy Ben is kept busy with social sport, a wife and 2 young children and setting up his own productive garden at home. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, exploring nature and keeping a close eye on the football.

Tom Paech Physiotherapist Physiyoga

Tom Paech

Bachelor of Physiotherapy 

  • Level 1 APA Dry Needling
  • Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI) Training Course for Health Practitioners
  • Tom Goom: Running Repairs 
  • GLA:D Australian Clinician course
  • Tensegrity Pilates: Teach Reformer Repertoire, Reformer Essentials course

Tom has completed mentoring in the PhysiYoga Approach with Emily. He uses hands on therapies such as massage and trigger point therapy as well as other soft tissue release, joint mobilisations, spinal manipulations and chronic pain management. Tom Graduated from University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2021. In addition to the skills listed, he has further training in management of ankle sprains, radicular (radiating nerve) pain, frozen shoulder, ITB pain, lower limb tendinopathy, elbow pain and dizziness.

Tom is trained in Concussion Management, knowing first hand the impact Concussion has. He has a love for sport, having played football since the age of four. He loves all things that help him be physically active and wants to help his clients do the same. He loves connecting with others, learning about their story and developing strategies to help them meet their goals. 

When Tom’s away from work, he’s likely spending time with friends or running around his home town of Kanmantoo.

Emily Hagger Physiotherapist PhysiYoga

Emily Hagger

Bachelor of Health Science (Physio)
Master of Physiotherapy
Dry Needling
Pilates Instructor
Hand Therapy


Emily has extensive experience in chronic conditions management, including working within a broader health care team to promote self management. She has led many exercises classes with this focus.

Emily has a keen interest in Women’s Health and is undertaking further training in these specific skills.

Emily values the importance of maximising your ability to lead an active and healthy lifestyle and she aims to empower people to manage their health in a positive, supported and sustainable way.

Emily has an interest in hand therapy, Kinesio taping and burns management. She uses treatment techniques such as

  • Trigger point therapy
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Soft tissue release
  • Massage
  • Dry needling

When Emily is away from work and the Pilates Reformers, you’ll find her walking all over the hills with her daughter and dog, renovating house and furniture or enjoying a good chat over coffee. 

Jayne Rossiter Physiotherapist PhysiYoga

Jayne Rossiter

Bachelor of Sports Science (Human Movement)

Master of Physiotherapy (Grad entry)

Master of Advanced Clinical Physiotherapy (Sports)

Diploma of Pilates (Breathe Education)

Dry Needling

RAD Level 4 Diploma in Vocational Graded Examination in Dance: Advanced 2 (Ballet)

Jayne is an experienced physiotherapist with a background in sports science and sports physiotherapy. She is passionate about helping people meet their movement goals and assisting others to live healthy and involved lives. A strong believer in prevention being better than cure, Jayne loves to facilitate opportunities for enjoyable movement and see others thrive in achieving this. Jayne has participated in sports and outdoor activities from a young age and has a particular passion for dance and dance related injuries. Her own background in dance encompasses years of ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary styles. This includes completion of the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Syllabus through to the highest grade for which she attained a Diploma in Vocational Graded Examination in Dance. This ties well with her interest in Pilates which led to completion of a Diploma in Pilates along with her sports and physiotherapy degrees attained at The University of South Australia.

When she is not being a physiotherapist Jayne loves to learn french, dance, run, cook, travel and spend time with friends and family and just generally be creative. She is learning to sew but has a way to go with this! She has a strong interest in international development and has spent some time in countries such as Uganda as a physiotherapist.

Catherine Van Wijk Physiotherapist Physiyoga

Catherine Van Wijk

Bachelor of Physiotherapy 

Dance Teacher

Catherine Van Wijk graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Catherine is a highly active individual, with a passion for maximising patient health and wellbeing, and has a strong drive to help them achieve their goals.

Catherine has been trained a wide variety of techniques, including soft tissue release and massage, joint mobilisations and spinal manipulations at university.

Catherine joins our senior clinical team after completing the PhysiYoga 18 month academy training program. In addition to this, Catherine has also completed:

  • CCMI Concussion Management Training (our first clinician to do wo and implement our programs)
  • Watson Headache management
  • Certification in Pilates
  • Certificate in Dry Needling


Catherine appreciates the importance of mind body connection and body awareness. This was further emphasized when seeing patients in musculoskeletal and rehabilitative environments. Catherine has a strong understanding of Pilates from university and her personal participation. Additionally, through her own personal development and interests, she utilises other forms of exercise styles to help improve function.

As a dancer since the age of four, Catherine has extensive knowledge surrounding terminology and the necessary technique to execute dance correctly and safely. Her knowledge in this area ensures detailed functional analysis of patients that may present with a dance, calisthenic or gymnastic related issue, and facilitate personalised rehabilitation programs to reach their specific and unique goals.

When Catherine is not at PhysiYoga, she is a foodie and a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur. She loves to stay active whether that be doing pilates, training, hiking, or just moving her body. She is also a dance teacher of ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary/lyrical.

Emily Eglitis Physiotherapist PhysiYoga

Emily Eglitis
Physiotherapist, Director PhysiYoga

Physiotherapist (B.Physio, 1st Class Hons)

  • Certified Practitioner Connect Therapy (LJLCP) 2015-2022
  • Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia) 
  • Member Australian Physiotherapy Association (MAPA)
  • Pilates Level 1 & 2 (Dance Medicine Australia) 2007

Emily Eglitis (formerly Emily Smith) is a fully qualified Physiotherapist & is recognised through Yoga Australia as a Senior Level 3 Yoga Teacher (12 years experience) with further training in The Pilates Method.

Emily has undergone extensive training and mentoring in ConnectTherapy and the Thoracic Ring Approach which informs the PhysiYoga ApproachOver the years Emily has trained in a wide variety of other manual therapy techniques including:

  • Soft tissue release & massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Visceral manipulation
  • Muscle Energy Techniques for the Thorax and Pelvis
  • Craniosacral Therapy

Exercise is an important part of the rehab process for Emily. Emily was introduced to Clinical Pilates as a Physiotherapy student and subsequently underwent training with Dance Medicine Australia. Emily practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at the Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala for five years before deciding to deepen her study in India after graduating from Physiotherapy, combining it with a three month volunteer program working in Nepal. Emily’s subsequent six week stay in India turned into four and a half months at Yoga Indea (sic), practicing twice daily at the internationally recognised yoga school. Emily has received yoga tuition from many skilled and world renowned teachers including Simi Roche (Ashtanga yoga), Prenatal Yoga Training (Denise Clarfield – Canada), Bharath Shetty (Mysore India), Donna Farhi (New Zealand), Simon Borg-Olivier (Sydney) and AcroYoga training in San Francisco (with Jenny Sauer-Klein).

It was through ConnectTherapy that Emily re-discovered her love of movement; In 2012 Emily struggled to run four kilometres before back and hip pain stopped her. She’d given up netball and the range of yoga postures she was able to do seemed to be decreasing. With the discovery of ConnectTherapy and combining it with Yoga & Pilates, she started running completing three 21.1km half marathons before finishing the Barossa Full Marathon in May 2015 (yep – the full 42.2km!).

When Emily’s not at work you’ll probably find her with her family, playing sport (softball or netball) or running somewhere around Strathalbyn.


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