Widespread pain, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and with memory. These are the symptoms of a common condition called Fibromyalgia. While it can be frustrating and debilitating,

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Move Well and Then Move More

But what does “moving well” even look like? Here’s the thing – there seems to be no standard definition or agreement about what “moving well”

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Which Yoga Style Is For Me?

There’s lots of reasons to practice yoga. You can build strength, flexibility and mobility for your body while you cultivate more peace, calm and focus

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Yoga 101

Everything You Need to Know To Start Yoga Yoga has changed and steered my life in directions I didn’t even dream of when I started

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Exercise and Pregnancy

Exercise is crucial to wellbeing – it can elevate your mood, reduce your blood pressure, improve your metabolism and much more. When you’re pregnant, there

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Good Posture

Why Bother with Good Posture? When our body segments are optimally aligned, force transmission through the tissues (i.e. bones, muscles, ligaments, fascia) occurs in a

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