Foot & Ankle Pain

Foot and Ankle Pain at PhysiYoga

Approximately one quarter of the population suffers from foot pain (Thomas et al 2011).

Did you know there are 26 bones and 32 joints in our foot and ankle complex? Each contributes to our foot’s ability to be mobile and flexible enough to adapt to the surface we work on while also providing a stiff, strong base to push-off from when walking or running. The foot plays a crucial role in our ability to balance.

The foot is where our body meets the earth. It is the interface for a myriad of forces and loads.

Foot and ankle injuries are very common in sport, but are often inadequately rehabilitated in the early days, leading to problems later on. This includes continual stiffness or weakness in any region of the foot or ankle. A dysfunctional foot can be pain-free, but if ignored will commonly lead to:

  • Pain in the foot or ankle region
  • Pain in the lower limb, pelvis or lower back
  • Decreased balance, leading to an increased likelihood of re-injury
  • Poorer balance over time


Common Problems We Treat

Problems within the foot:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Metatarsalgia


A dysfunctional foot and ankle complex can also lead to:


Common Causes of Foot and Ankle Problems

  • Old sprains or strains
  • Non-optimal training habits (distance, frequency and intensity of training)
  • Recent changes to footwear
  • Inappropriate footwear for your foot

How We Help

  • Provide a diagnosis, which may involve the use of our Footmaxx Gaitscan technology
  • We create an ideal Treatment Pathway based on your condition and your goals
  • Fix training errors
  • Identify other strength deficits that are contributing to poor loading
  • Prescription of custom Footmaxx Orthotics

We use the Footmaxx Gaitscan System

We can use the Footmaxx system to analyse balance issues, for example during our concussion assessments, and provide a detailed analysis of your foot’s loading pattern (see below).

Learn more about this state of the art technology we use to assess your gait in the video above. 

We can use the information gained to more accurately understand the loading patterns and therefore the function of your foot and ankle complex. We can provide customized orthotics based on your condition.

PhysiYoga Gait analysis


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