What is the GLA:D program?

GLA:D stands for Good Living with osteoArthritis in Denmark. It is a an approach to managing hip and knee knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. GLA:D was developed by researchers in Scandinavia as a  comprehensive education and exercise program. the goal of GLA:D is to help you to reduce the pain and disability associated with the symptoms of hip or knee osteoarthritis so that you can delay or avoid surgery.

GLA:D knee pain program

What are the aims of the GLA:D program?

Throughout this program you will learn how osteoarthritis occurs, ways to self-manage your osteoarthritis pain. You will strengthen your body while learning correct movement alignment so that you can manage your symptoms and do more of the things you enjoy.

The GLA:D program components are completed in a specific order:

  • An initial consult to get you started- seek goals and baseline testing.
  • Two education sessions teaching you about osteoarthritis and exercise.
  • Twice a week for 6 week exercise sessions = 12 total exercise sessions
  • A follow up consult to reassess your goals and baseline test scores.
GLA:D osteoarthritis exercise group

What do I bring?

For all sessions apart from the education sessions please wear something that you feel comfortable moving in so that you can exercise easily. Bringing a water bottle for hydration will also be a good idea.

How do I join?

Call our clinic to You can book in your initial 60 minute consult with our physiotherapist Tom who is trained in this approach. This can be anytime within 4 weeks before your exercise sessions.

Next intake

Starting in July 2023, the two education sessions are being run on the following times and days. Note: You must attend both sessions to get all of the education required to participate in the GLA:D program.

These sessions are free and will last for approximately 90 mins. Bookings are essential (phone the clinic to secure your place).

First information and education session

  • The 17th of July at 1pm
  • The 21st of July at 1:45pm

If you decide to go ahead with the GLA:D program, the exercise sessions will follow on from the next week.

Exercise sessions commence

  • The first session will take place on the 24th of July
  • Your 1:1 visit will occur any time in teh four weeks before this session



Sessions will continue weekly,  at the same times as above for 6 weeks, with each of the exercise sessions lasting one hour.

Your follow-up 30 minute consult can be booked anytime after the exercise sessions are finished and within 3 months of your initial consult.


The value of the whole package is over $500, with health fund rebates applicable for som parts. As we are in the initial stages of rolling out the program, special offers are available. Please contact us for further details

More questions or keen to book?

If you have any questions regarding the GLA:D program please don’t hesitate to call us on 8536 8558.


You can call us during business hours to book your consultation or classes or you can book here. If the times shown online do not suit, please phone us

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