Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

Movement is Medicine. If you move well, you feel well. 

Our mission is to help you enrich your lifestyle and move with ease. 

PhysiYoga offers a bespoke approach to physiotherapy, yoga and Pilates.

Our goals are to help you gain confidence in your body’s abilities, feel the joy in easeful movement and be empowered to reach your goals.

The PhysiYoga Approach

At Physiyoga we have a three part process of identifying where you are in our health and wellness journey, and  work out how to effectively move you toward your  desired goals through our Pain to Performance Pathway.

Our key difference is that we use a unique full-body approach called ConnectTherapy developed by Dr Linda-Loy Lee – a master physiotherapist who is an international researcher, clinician and teacher. ConnectTherapy allows the therapist to assess your entire body to determine where your symptoms are coming from and what might be contributing to them or causing them. 

PhysiYoga is led by Principal Physiotherapist Emily Eglitis, South Australia’s only Certified ConnectTherapy Practitioner.


We connect with you to understand the problem you are having and your individual story. We aim to get a clear diagnosis for your problem so that we can get the symptoms under control and get you back doing what you love as soon as possible. By the end of this phase we aim to map out goals for your rehab in a Treatment Pathway.



We now start to address what contributed to things going wrong. We help you to understand your condition and what you can do about it.

If you choose, this is where we can dive deeper into a ConnectTherapy full body assessment, to determine what the underlying Driver of your problem may be.



In this phase, want to get you back feeling better than where you were before. We find strategies to help you move better and enjoy being active. Pilates, Yoga or your personal program – we find the right fit for you. The Extend phase is about helping you feel stronger, more flexible and generally improve feelings of vitality, health and wellness through activity.

We are highly skilled health professionals

We believe Movement is Medicine. We are passionate about helping you to enjoy movement. We know that when you enjoy moving, you can more easily be active and enjoy life the way you want to.

Our team includes

We pride ourselves on having no machines – we work with our hands. You have our full attention and we only treat one client per session so you have our undivided attention.

We aim to get you moving – and stay moving

  • We believe Movement is Medicine. We won’t simply tell you to stop doing the things you love, rather we do our best to find out how you can return to your peak performance as soon as possible.
  • We use our one to one consultations to determine your needs and design an exercise program to suit you.
  • We have a range of exercise therapy options to help get you moving using our fully equipped Yoga & Pilates studio.
  • Don’t want to do a class? No problem – tell us what you want to be able to do and we’ll work out how to help.

We care

  • We have a total commitment to ongoing learning and professional development, going well above and beyond the required minimum standard for Physiotherapists.
  • Our admin team and support staff work hard to make every visit as comfortable and easy as possible.
  • We have free reminder emails and sms’s to help you keep track of your appointments.


You can call us during business hours to book your consultation or classes or you can book here. If the times shown online do not suit, please phone us

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